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  • re widely introduced, and their reciprocal▓ recognition will be further promoted.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatGreek enterprises to explore China market through 1st int'l import expo in ShanghaiGreek enterprises to explore China market through 1st int'l import expo in ShanghaiG▓reek enterprises to explore China market through 1st int'l import expo in Shanghai03-30-2018 17?/p>

  • ?18 BJTATHENS, March 30 (Xinhua) -- Greek enterprises are gearing up to participate▓ in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), which will take place in Shanghai from Nov. 5-10, officials and business representa▓tives said here Thursday.Companies interested in entering the Chinese market attended a presenta▓tion on the CIIE at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get information about the event and explore business opportu

  • nities w▓ith the support of the Greek and Chinese governments.Created to serve as a platform for the promotio▓n of global trade, the first CIIE is expected to attract about 150,000 buyers from China and across the world.More than 1,300 companies from over 120 countries and regions, including Fortune 500 companies, have already registered for the event.With China-Greece ties advancing rapidly in recent years, it was time to launch a big campaign

of high signi

to introduce more Gre▓ek products to the Chinese market, Stergios Pitsiorlas, Greece's deputy economy and development minister, said. The November expo is an enormous chance for Greece, he added.E

lias Athanasiou, CEO of Enterprise Greece, which organized Thursday's presentati

on, said Greece's participation in the expo in one of the largest and greatest m

▓arkets in the world represents a challenge. Greek companies have t▓o highlight

the added value they can offer with high quality products and▓ services.Li Feng,

economic and commercial counselor at the Chinese embassy ▓in Greece, said the CII

E is the first national expo in the world to focus on imports. Products and serv

ed for all governm ent departments conc erned to f ully collaborate a ▓nd coordinate thei r work to make thing s easier for such enterprise s.According to the Commerce Mi nistry, over 35,600 foreig n-invested e nterprises wer e set up in 2017, up by 27.8 perce▓nt year-on-yea r. Foreign inves tment rose 7.9 percent fro m 2016, hittin 湖南wap 朝阳县wap 连城县wap 江油市5G 新乡市5G 五原县wap 大连市wap 南溪县5G 青海5G 义马市5G 恩施市5G 馆陶县wap 望谟县wap 靖江市wap 宁明县5G 平武县wap 晋州市wap 毕节市wap 江西5G 于都县5G 传奇私服单职业网站新开网 神途传奇私服 韩版超变态传奇私服网站 传奇私服变态版本 神鬼传奇私服无限元宝 超变传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服gm刷元宝命令 传奇私服手游百度贴吧 新开电信传奇私服 网页传奇私服游戏大全